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Hop on over to the Bunny Barnival
& celebrate springtime with traditional carnival favorites including pics with the Easter Bunny, activities, prizes, & yummy foods!

Bunny Barnival will be set up "at your leisure" style. This means that upon your arrival, you may choose what you do, when. Want to visit and feed the animals first? Sure! Go right ahead! Want to play your games and grab your prizes before the lines get long? Sounds like a plan. Little one hungry for an early lunch? Have your tickets scanned and head right for your meal plates! Your experience is all up to you!

Tickets are sold in one hour increments. This does not mean you are only permitted to stay at the Barnival for one hour, although shorter lines will mean it is possible to finish all activities within one hour or close to it. The timed entry is a way to minimize lines by having guests arrive in a stagger. If you arrive before your scheduled time, HH staff reserves the right to have you wait until scheduled time to enter unless lines are manageable (in which case you will be granted early entry). If you are purchasing your tickets and have read this thoroughly (THANK YOU) but only see one time option, this either means we have not opened the other time slots yet, or they are already full. We will open one slot at a time. If only one or two time slots sell, this event will be shortened to 2 hours. Helena Hollow will not change time slots for a guest once his or her tickets have been purchased.  EVERY PERSON OVER THE AGE OF 2 REQUIRES A GENERAL ADMISSION TICKET. FREE ENTRY TICKETS (RESERVED FOR THOSE AGE 2 AND UNDER) DO NOT COME WITH A MEAL PLATE OR PRIZES. As stated previously in this information, a child under age 2 may use his or her guardian's tickets to claim prizes.
This event takes place in the Party Barnyard and Petting Zoo only.  Bunny Barnival does not include access to the park attractions such as slides and swings. All Bunny Barnival activities and games will be consolidated to the Party Barn and surrounding area, thus the entrance for this event will be at the gate labeled PARTY BARN rather than our traditional ticket booth entrance. Be sure to follow Helena Hollow on all social media outlets to find out when the next time the Park will be open for business. It just might be sooner than you think!
More activities will be included. All introductory "kinks" have not been worked out and finalized for this event. Expect additional activities to be included in your experience as we gain commitment from staff and vendors! A final list of activities and information will be emailed to our paid guests a couple of days before the event takes place. Thanks for having confidence in Helena Hollow to know we will provide a wonderful experience! 
Each activity can be completed for a prize one time. All guests will receive a sleeve of physical tickets upon arrival. Each activity (including your meal) will require "paying" with a ticket to participate. Children are permitted to use their parent or guardian's tickets to play games more than once and/or claim those prizes. If there are no guests waiting for their prize claim, your child may play that game more than once without earning another prize--with or without a ticket.
THIS IS A NON-REFUNDABLE EVENT UNLESS HELENA HOLLOW CANCELS. Should cancellation become a reality, guests will be notified via e-mail as soon as the decision is made. If it is raining, HH staff will make preparations for this event to remain as dry and out of the weather as possible. Likewise, we expect guests to understand they are attending a semi-outdoor event and come prepared with umbrellas or raincoats. Helena Hollow does not provide the "purchase protection" insurance that is offered during your transaction. This a service provided by our ticketing company and Helena Hollow and its staff are not privy to the stipulations of this feature. 

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